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It doesn’t seem all that long since I took the bullet train to Busan and a ferry to the Japanese island of Tsushima for the purposes of getting a new visa, but here I am again. Except I’m taking a different route. In about two hours, I’ll be on a flight to Tokyo for a long weekend. Then it’s back to Korea for another three months before repeating the whole process in (or before) January.

I don’t have too many firm plans for Tokyo yet. I want to visit the Imperial Palace. I’m hoping to couchsurf with someone, but I left it very late organising that (like yesterday) and I may end up at a hostel. Even if I just do one touristy thing, a bit of walking and the rest of the time hanging out reading, writing and watching TV or films I’ll be happy. I don’t want to spend too much money – Habiba and I have a grand tour of Europe planned for next year and we both need to conserve our pennies.

The weekend will – hopefully – give me a chance to put some finishing touches to version 6.1 of my roleplaying game system, and to blog in more detail (or any detail at all) about my new job.

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